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By Bish Muir

Should you throw away that unmarried carrot? how are you going to make that chilly bird tasty? are you able to use that yoghurt in the back of the refrigerator? all of us have leftovers, which regularly get thrown away - the typical loved ones places over GBP500-worth of fit to be eaten nutrition within the bin each year! This e-book: * is filled with rules for utilizing up your leftovers * offers recommendation on making plans, procuring and storing nutrients * can assist you lessen your nutrition money owed * might help lessen your environmental impression

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Serve with cream or brandy butter.   COFFEE (L)   Recipe Individual: Iced Coffee (here).   Quick and easy Add a little strong cold coffee to a chocolate sauce to pour over ice cream or a chocolate sponge. (Not advisable for children).   COURGETTES (C/L)   Recipes crumble (here), pie (here), quiche (here), roast vegetables (here), sauce (here), stir fry (here). Individual: Vegetable Stew (here).   Quick and easy Slice and fry in some butter and garlic and serve with lots of black pepper.

See also Chicken, Poultry.   VEGETABLES (L/C)   Recipes Basic: crumble (here), pie (here), soup (here), stir fry (here). Individual: Vegetable Stew (here).   Tips Vegetables still contain a good deal of flavour even when a bit wrinkly and dried out – soups and pies are ideal for using up vegetables left in the rack. Vegetables will keep fresh for much longer by wrapping in wet newspaper and storing in a plastic bag in the fridge. g. Broad Beans.   YOGHURT (L)   Recipes Individual: Banana and Chocolate Digestive Pudding (here).

The juice from the sausages will add real substance to the onions. Serve leftover cooked onions with cold meat and chutney.   Tip Onions must be stored in a cool, dry place. If you’ve got some space, try hanging them in a breathable bag.   ORANGES (L/O)   Recipes Basic: fruit salad (here), smoothie (here). Individual: Bread and Butter Pudding (here), Fruit Juices (here).   Quick and easy Use the zest of an orange and a little butter to add flavour to carrots.   Tip Even when an orange seems to be soft, very often the juice will still be delicious so squeeze the orange juice and freeze if you’re not using it straight away.

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