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By Willard W. Pulkrabek

For a one-semester, undergraduate-level direction in inner Combustion Engines. This utilized thermoscience textual content explores the fundamental rules and functions of varied forms of inner combustion engines, with an enormous emphasis on reciprocating engines. It covers either spark ignition and compression ignition engines-as good as these working on four-stroke cycles and on stroke cycles-ranging in dimension from small version aircraft engines to the bigger desk bound engines.

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Why must a two-stroke cycle engine always have an intake pressure boost? 1-3. List two advantages of a two-stroke cycle engine over a four-stroke cycle engine. List two advantages of a four-stroke cycle engine over a two-stroke cycle engine. 1-4. (a) Why do most very small engines operate on a two-stroke cycle? (b) Why do most very large engines operate on a two-stroke cycle? (c) Why do most automobile engines operate on a four-stroke cycle? (d) Why would it be desirable to operate automobile engines on a two-stroke cycle?

Hydrocarbons are fuel molecules which did not get burned and smaller nonequilibrium particles of partially burned fuel. Carbon monoxide occurs when not enough oxygen is present to fully react all carbon to CO2 or when incomplete air-fuel mixing occurs due to the very short engine cycle time. Oxides of nitrogen are created in an engine when high combustion temperatures cause some normally stable N to disso2 ciate into monatomic nitrogen N, which then combines with reacting oxygen. Solid particulates are formed in compression ignition engines and are seen as black smoke in the exhaust of these engines.

Higher piston speeds would require larger valves to For a given displacement volume, a longer stroke allows for a smaller bore (under square), resulting in less surface area in the combustion chamber and correspondingly less heat loss. This increases thermal efficiency within the combustion chamber. However, the longer stroke results in higher piston speed and higher friction losses that reduce the output power which can be obtained off the crankshaft. If the stroke is shortened, the bore must be increased and the engine will be over square.

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