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Z - . - . - - - - . U .. - -. - - - - - . - - - -. - : ewic - - ru- - a counterculture — — Ucing normal • is ulrmiately based on a mistake. At countercultura! sequence and tnat tieta, t from t::c Ilrgeri tack ni bin di a iror t o sen: in other ‘ o rd it is rebeji in - that provi des en tel ainlne:it . to’ the rebcr, and nothing much else- At woist, ounterculn,ra rebel— iliori 2t:ivelvnrnrilotes anhappine%s. b’ iii dcrrnini n or discrediting sodal florim :n-cIraLic1,, ariC that act-ua’i’ en-c a valu He a of Lourr uknire Na piod aed a it e of con— .

E \azi s wac t0 cx ress ion o an i ::iuere nt c : urad ci ,n in the nan: re of civijis a nut r. In the aficrin-ath of’vVorld \Vu Ii, Nazism was there re widely regarued a tie tragic culmination ofV\ este ITt civilisation. The I at inch of the in clear lrms race between the United States and the Soviet Union, which fhilowed closely on the war’s heels, did nothing but reinforce tlar impression. nccntrr’. r as. world wars rid a to Lu • • -. Frecd goes to California - \Vhsrisci i inzaluour this phrase s:he coliti IIUfl that Mar sees between hiscist Germany at id contcTuporar)’ -Vetern soc-i bombs arc no re ipst into barbarism hut the :nreprescc-d.

B Sc rv-ation al ‘ci 71 72 ihe - arc CU livos <, St C1 C iEVh cant we aL Sc iree simply C dua s we choose: Rousseau hiiriself never doubted that we were in need of some rules. t to - us ti d e ii (and to rcfrrn them in cases where such us {jcariun was found wa: tin Eu the coon terc 1 ru cal analysis tli rows ver’-ex:s:encr of te ruts ir,to cuestton. Corintercultural rcmes ret:i to sugrcst :Iia: 1 £51 1 Cs the ru1e Rules may be TI orb er thin a tcture o reV r-on. n bert-u- to •m :•osca r ru ::ore :a4-ai \va\: X h’ d..

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